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First Post: Need Hair Help!


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Hi, I have been lurking boards since I went natural in 2005. I think I am finally ready to come out the hair closet with this my first post! You guys have been a great help (along w/nappturality, blackhairmedia.com, and fotki people). I hope this breaks the ice so I can start participating in other boards. I dn't have any pictures ready yet, but I intend to post some; and even start a hair journal (perhaps with fotki).

Hair type:

I have natural 4b (possibly 4z) hair with a very tight curl pattern- similar to Mwedzi and Honesty (fotki people). My hair is about nape-shoulder length. Although it is that length, I have 100% shrinkage.

My hair cannot be managed by me unless I blow dry it immediately after my wash/cond. Otherwise I end up w/knots, cotton balls, and weird sticky clots all over my hair. I end up cutting peices out if I don't blow dry it. With that said, I am not concerned w/using too much heat - as I have no way to do my hair (in less than 10hrs) without using some form of heat.

Hair history:

I went natural in Sept 2005 - kinda by accident (but that's another story) and consistently wear hair in micro braids since late 06. My hair was short in 05, but I mostly did twist outs and flat iron/press when I wore it loose. I work in a professional atmosphere that requires me to wear my hair in a professional style- and very demanding as far as time. I do not wear twists, braids or cornrows, but I love to wear the "outs"!

Current hair status:

I want to wear my hair out! I am currently taking the microbraids out so I can wear my natural hair out. However, it has been so long since I have tried this, I don't know what to do. Also, my hair has grown considerably in length since 2006. To cut down time, I was thinking of keeping my hair in a consistently stretched state. In other words,

How does this regime sound?

(1) wash and condition my hair while in twists (smaller/midsized); (2) untwist hair a few sections at a time; (3) untangle (4) apply product (probably coconut oil), and blow dry; (5) style hair by retwisting, for example (in preparation for twistout).

This is the regime I have come up with after studying the board extensively. Will this cut down on the tangles. Does anyone know if washing my hair in twists will cause it to tangle more?

I want to do smaller sections b/c it is extremely difficult to work with my hair in big sections.



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I can't answer the questions for you because I am not natural but I wanted to caome in and welcome you to the board. Happy hair growing too.