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Google Search Problems - Duplicate Post


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I posted this in the Science Technology Forum - but the forum isn't as active as this one and not very many members access it, so I thought I would post it here as well. I know many members use phones as their primary internet device as opposed to PC's so more than likely phone users aren't experiencing the problem.

Is anyone else experiencing problems with Google on IE? Beginning earlier this week I began having intermittent problems with Google searches (correction) . Google page will load, I can enter my search description but when I press enter nothing happens. On a couple of occasions, it did return some information after a while, but the majority of the time - nothing happens. I thought it was because I tried to upgrade to Windows 10 but the problem occurs on my personal device as well as my corporate device. It appears to work fine with Chrome.

I've spoken with a couple of people and they have had similar experiences. Prior to Monday, I had no problems at all.

I wonder if Google experienced a Cyber Attack


Update: The issue (Google searches not working - screen remains blank after you type a search criteria in the search box) seems to only be experienced if the search is performed in IE11. Google chrome appears to be working for most if not all users. Users around the world are experiencing the issue with Google Search.
I tried installing Windows 10 on Tuesday (install failed) and began experiencing the problem, immediately after the failed install. I think there was an update to IE in conjunction with Windows 10. I don't recall if I was running IE11 before the Windows upgrade. Many people are experiencing problems with the Windows 10 upgrade in that Windows 10 is fails to install.
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I've had issus with Google on my laptop, using IE. I use Chrome on my PC and safari on my Ipad and hadn't noticed a problem.
I just thought it was my laptop. I didn't even consider that it was an issue with Google/IE.


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My bank (Citi) is having issues with Chrome. I couldn't get beyond the login screen...kept being hit with a blank screen and then rerouted to the login after hitting "enter". Just called to learn lots of Chrome users have called in. IE works fine.