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May 2013...What Did YOU Buy this Week??? (Hair Care Edition)


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Alright Ladies....Awww....Here We Go! Here We Go! :grin:

Summer is about to get Cranked Up, up in this Piece. :beach:

We got Cinco De Mayo *did I say that right*? Mother's Day, Memorial Day etc.....all coming up!

And I'm sure our International Sister Divas have some Holidays of their own too!

As our Summer Season is about to get kicked off!

So....What Are YOU Buying?????????


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Monoï de Tahiti oil with Tiare Flower

Monoï de Tahiti oil with Vanilla

I can't wait to get these!!!! hoping some nice smelling stuff will take me out my hair funk lool

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Couldn't resist just bought the following 10 products from Hairitage Hydrations. Still haven't even finished using the 6 products I bought 1-2 weeks ago. I need some therapy for this addiction.

Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo
Tutti Frutti Honey Butter Cream
Coconut Mango Hair Moisturizer
Mango Tango Cloud
Hemp Nostalgia
Soft and Creamy Vanilla Lavender Hair Butter
Sugar Scrub - Turmeric Complexion Perfection
Soft and Creamy Horsetail Hair Butter
Forever Young Shea Butter Lotion
Lemon Cake Face Frosting

I'm thinking about starting to do product reviews on my youtube channel. Maybe that way buying all these products can benefit other people by providing some information about them.


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25 more days til my birthday so ill definitely be buying some thangs, lol. Gonna get some naturelle grow and hairitage hydrations for sure. Then I'm gonna look at what you all get and see what sounds too irresistible to resist :)


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I'm picking up my QB hair goodies right nah!!! *pops booty* I got my hands on ma hair crack - QB CTDG :love:


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I got in on the Shescentit sale and purchased:

Okra Hair Repair Reconstructor
Coco Creme Leave-In Conditioner
Marshmallow Herbal Hair Cream
Coconut Sorbet
Carrot and Pumpkin Seed Defrizzer

This will be my first time trying the new version of the Marshmallow Hair Cream, and I hope my hair responds well to the addition of Argan oil. I am excited that it's in a bigger jar now. :drunk:


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Bamboo Extract 300mg 60 Caps (Reniece says to take this in her last video):yep:
Country Life Maxi Hair Time Release 90 Tablets
SlipX Solutions Two Stop a Clog Drain Protectors:look:
Scunnci Effortless Beauty No Damage Black Head wraps 6-Count
Nupur Mehendi Powder 9 Herbs Blend 150 grams (Need something toreplace Jazzing)
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im about to place an order, not sure if im ordering from marie dean, shescentit or darcys:drunk:. Suggestions are welcomed:look:


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Just ordered the Naturelle Grow kit that has the cleanser, condish, moisturizer and growth oil. Thought I'd give it a try...plus I used the coupon code. Can't beat a good dea :giggle:


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IDareT'sHair So YOU'RE the one who stole that honey balm from under me? :bat: That's the second dang time I done added that balm to my cart, only for it to be unavailable before I can check out. WHYYYYYYYY?!


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I Convo'ed her to add Extras for the Sale. :lol:...:blush: Keep watching 'cuz I just requested a Cancellation, because NG is not on my Wish-List.

I need to wait & shop my original list first.:look: tiffers


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I did the same thing. Made a cart and almost hit Pay Now and then I heard someone say "C-llllllaaaaauuuu-diessssssss" and I exited out. I have more then enough of everything from her, so I should be good until her next big sale.


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Yeah Gurl....:dollar:

Pfft.:ohwell: I can't be hittin' PayNah all Willy-Nilly.:look:

I got a list & I'm sticking to it. :lol:

That Bel Nouvo was a 'random'. I reupped on that DC'er because I got all Excited because he had "Free Shipping" and his Shipping is High.:rolleyes:

So that was my 1 random.:yawn:


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Ynobe Shop (www.etsy.com/shop/ynobeshop)

Pre-Poo Treat
Green Tea & Aloe Hydrating Dew
Hibiscus & Marshmallow Leave In Conditioner
Silky Shea Cream
Amla & Nettle Moisturizing Deep Conditioner

I've never purchased from this shop before, but I figured I'd be adventurous and try something new :)

I picked up Hairtage Hydration's Jar of Joe this morning. Can't wait to try this on my nape.
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I restocked on my Original Moxie DC and leave-in. The 16oz bottles I bought before lasted me exactly a year with mild to moderate rotation. I can definitely live with that. :yep:

:look: I really want a good co-wash that doesn't leave build-up. I tried to go back to Suave and my ends became a crunchy mess. :nono: Going to look at Tressemme Naturals this weekend.


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Hairitage Hydrations Whipped Shea Butter Queen Mix

Still on my search for a high-quality shea butter mixture loaded with oils :look: so trying out Hairitage! (26OFF sale)


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Re-bought my holy grail items (using coupons. LIKE A BAWSE)

Garnier Fructis Hydra-Recharge shampoo (for dry hair)
Garnier Fructis Pure Clean conditioner (for normal hair)


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I've been using homemade products (along with Terressentials, Chagrin Valley, Anita Grant and some Ayurvedic oils, powders, and henna) to do my hair and decided to try Just Natural products because of the awesome ingredients. I'm trying to phase out all of the heavily silicon-laden (I miss you Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm!! :cry: ) synthetic, and chemical-y products out of my haircare routine. My hair is not looking too hot right now because of the detox it's been going through, but it is super black and super soft and moisturized! I've been trimming splits that have been popping up on my head for 3 weeks like a crazy lady. Here's what I bought :)

Leave-In Conditioner
Natural Detangler
African American Natural Hair Conditioner
Extreme Dry Hair Conditioner
Pre-Washed Hair Treatment
Cleansing Conditioner
Herbal Scalp & Hair Freshener
Organic 5 Olive Oils Hair Treatment
Nutritive Creamy Styling Gel

If anyone's interested, I got 20% off with the code AR20

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