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MN vs Chauvin (George Floyd case)


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Ohhhh snap that was a two snaps ending
Mr Floyd didnt die because his heart was too big he died cause Mr Chauvins heart was too small.

Go Jerry!


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Thanks for sharing the breakdown of the jury. This can go either way. I'm wondering about the four white women and how they'll vote. I guess I'm still traumatized by the election of Trump.
1 is a single mom with 2 boys. She said she doesnt think her sons would be targets for the police but one of her black coworkers kids would. She said shame has learned alot from her coworkers on race issues. She doesnt hate police and doesnt support defunding the police. She said she thinks peoples opinions come from the environment they are in.

Another is a nurse. She said she would be very interested in the medical evidence. She had participated in many codes and is on a post code committee where they debrief after a code has occurred. .Ime we gather everyone that was involved in a code to discuss what we did well, what we didnt do well.
She is also mot against police. She doesnt want her name released and is concerned about the reaction after the verfict.
She has ICU and ventilator experience.


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Others on jury
It includes a black grandmother in her 60s, the oldest member of the jury, who said she stopped watching the infamous video of Mr Floyd's death because "it just wasn't something I needed to see". She also claimed she used to live 10 blocks from where he had died.
Others too admitted that they found the video difficult to watch, with one newly-wed white woman, a social worker in her 20s, saying "I had every emotion".
The Floyd video may become the centrepiece of this trial, but prospective jurors were also questioned about their opinions on the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, the opposing Blue Lives Matter movement (which advocates for police officers), the push among activists to "defund the police" and the violence associated with some BLM protests.
A white woman in her 50s claimed she used to work at a suburban business damaged last summer after Mr Floyd's death. She had seen the video, but said she generally trusted the police and felt that those who followed instructions had nothing to fear.
A black man in his 40s said that, while he believed minorities are mistreated regularly by the police, he strongly disagreed with defunding - or redirecting funds away from - police departments.