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TRANSITION UPDATES - BC 5/7/09 - now 100% Au Natural !!!!


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hi all !!!:drunk:

its been awhile since ive done updates as well as a post on LHCF. ive missed you all dearly.... its been a long journey and struggle staying true to my transition to being natural.. but i made it !!!
thanks to my many protective styles and wonderful sew ins.
i wana thank everyone for their support and advice that followed me through this long journey.

i am definitly loving EvERy mOMent of being natural :grin: and dont see myself turning back anytime soon. my one struggle is working out now and i dont know how to maintain a cute style. im thinkn about doin a sew in again but would prefer not to. any naturals have advice for me? im still experimenting on my natural styles and perfecting how to take care of it on a daily basis. (thanks in advance)

i updated my fotki, adding and deleting many albums. (the relaxed hair ones) lol.. dont need those anymore.

please check out my updates on my transition album http://public.fotki.com/sweetsuccess/natural-transitioni/
as well as the others.

xoxo happy hair growing ladies !!

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Beautiful and congratulations! Inspiring for me because I hope to have that amt of growth in that time.

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congrats on the bc-your hair looks great. I'm transitioning myself- therefore you're definately an inspiration to me. How long did you transition?


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You did a great job with the transition and have obtained/retained a good amount of growth; your hair looks really healthy.

What products do you use when you do your own press at home?




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girl, i checked your FOTKI and your hair is L-O-V-E-L-Y!!!! Pressed or not! WOW! SO Pretty. YOu got a lot of growth and so thick and full! Great job!

How long did you transition?


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Congrats on your BC! Your hair is so thick and beautiful.
How long did you transition and what is your straightening process?


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Wow - absolutely lovely. You make me wish I had transitioned for longer. Your hair looks greart. Congratulations. Can wait to see my hair at this lenght.


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Congratulations on your successful transition and BC :)

Just loked at your pictures in your fotki, your hair is GORGEOUS!!!!!! It's soooo thick and I love the curls! HHG!


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congrats on the bc-your hair looks great. I'm transitioning myself- therefore you're definately an inspiration to me. How long did you transition?

my last relaxer was jan 2008. so it was 17months when i did my BC and cut off my relaxed ends. i was very happy with the length.. i just didnt wana BC and start from scratch. i feel growing the relaxer out is a much more fulfilling way especially if u started with lengthy hair.


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Your hair is so healthy and pretty. OKAY I THREW THE PERMS AWAY thanks to u

thanks girl. i saw your whole foods thread earlier. YES throw the relaxers away. i AM DEFINITLY the one to understand the battle of comtemplating "to relax or not to relax" if you look at my thread history.. thats alll i ever to use to write about.. i wanted to relax sooo many times.. because i love wearing my hair straight and just didnt understand why i was going natural for the simple fact that i didnt plan on doing natural styles... but its DEFINITLY healthier for the hair. my hair has grown out thicker than ever and quicker than ever. you should definitly hang in there.. and theres definitly the bigggggest support group out there on LHCF. i wish u luckkkkkk!!!


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I had the same questions.

I checked out your fotki, very pretty!!!! :yep:

my straightening process is very simple. i havent even really been DCing lately because ive realized that i honestly already keep my hair as moisturized as it can be with prepooing and what not..

so with this last press.. i
-pre pood with hair oil and sunsilk conditioner. but a shower cap on to lock in moisture for 30min
-wash #1 with a biotin shampoo
-wash #2 with abba nourishing shampoo
-put aphogee 2min reconstructure in my hair, tried to distribute evenly and put the shower cap back on for 2min than rinse out
(i only do this maybe once a month)
-condition with abba moisture sensation conditioner mixed with sunsilk conditioner.. leave in for maybe 5 min while finger detangling...
and then rinse out..

towel dry my hair.. put in CHI keratin mist leave in
mizani heat strengthening leave in
CHI infusion silk... a LIL dime/nickel size of both..
than blow dry on medium heat

and use my FHI flat iron and thats it. did that sound like a lot???
ive come to realize my staples for making my hair SILKY... are sunsilk shampoos and conditioners (preferably the pink like, 2.97 at walmart).. and CHI infusion silk balm (pricey but worth every penny.... if youre lucky you can find it at tjmaxx 40% cheaper than hair stores)

hope this helps :)