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What's On YOUR Black Friday Wish List????


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So far
Hairitage hydrations
Mango tango cloud
Calm down scalp cream
Jojoba honey twist
peach aloe pomade

Amla cream rinse
Whipped cloud


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Mandy4610 So tru...still...I think you should email BJ at hairveda and let them know about it. It may just be a glitch. She may still honor the sale prices if it's a case of a mistake on their part. HTH!


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My list is quite short:

  • Steamer with wheels
  • Solia (or similar) Flat Iron

I just placed my order for both. I'm so excited!!


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I'm on a personal no-buy challenge which will take forever but I want:

Curl Junkie Curl Rehab Moisturizing Hair Treatment (Strawberry Ice-Cream)
Mill Creek Keratin Conditioner
Mill Creek Biotin Conditioner

I live in Canada so we don't really have Black Friday sales (some stores do though this year, mostly clothing stores) but it would've been cool to try these out especially the Curl Junkie because I've wanted it FOREVER. I took advantage of Black Friday despite being Canadian though, I online shopped for shoes and clothing! Clothing, shoes, and accessories have helped suppress my hair addiction. :grin:


I'm getting some Afroveda T twisted almond butter and some of their oils.:yep: Nothing else! I am cured of PJism!:blowkiss:

Pompous Blue

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I'm getting some Afroveda T twisted almond butter and some of their oils.:yep: Nothing else! I am cured of PJism!:blowkiss:

DDTexlaxed Did you have any problems signing into the website? I received this error message yesterday and today.
There is a problem with this website's security certificate.
The security certificate presented by this website has expired or is not yet valid. Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server. We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this website.

Just was wondering what's wrong with their site. I'm not ordering anything, I wanted to check on the status of the order I placed 10/31/11 for the 50% off conditioners. I received the 10/29/11 order this week with a conditioner missing. Emailed her, she said it was going out that day. But no word on my 10/31/11 order. Ordering once a year from her is all I can take! [email protected]!


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Has anyone tried John Masters Organics hair products?

I just started using the body wash (love it!) and now I want to try the hair products. Products are easy to find at Whole Foods, but their website always has free shipping in the US!

The sale info:
25% off all regular-sized products through Monday 11/28
Use coupon code "holiday11"


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I got 2 things from Hairveda and a few from Oyin. The Oyin stuff was mostly for others as Christmas presents. I just got a small sugar berry pomade for myself. I am on use it challenge as my hair product closet is stuffed


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I went to Sage and reeped the benefit of the 30% sale.
2 Terresentials mud wash (lemon)
all for 63 bucks!!!! As I type it out it looks like I spent alot for a little bit of products. Doesnt seem like much of a haul after all huh? or is it. LOL ;-)
Should I store QBBRC in fridge?


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Hmm. Been eyeing the Huetiful steamer.

I'm transitioning and could really use the moisture.

.....and that WEN Pumpkin stuff ppl been raving about...

Any ideas for other conditioners?

Bought the steamer. $109 with the facial attachment.

Also bought one of their new masques for my face. :)


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My order came TODAY! Camille Rose products-Ultimate Hair Serum,Curl Moisture Milk & Jansyns "Moisture Max" con..Loving the smell of all 3..


My Natural skin care products came today too- mandelic peel,decongestant face mask,micro polish,pumpkin exfoliating mask & triple enzyme peel...

Happy Hair Growing!


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  • Does HotCombs do BF? I've been waiting for a sale so I can get a small comb. Got it 11-19
  • Henna. I want to stock up at a good price.

  • Maybe a new flat iron. I want one but I don't need one.

  • Hair friendly pillowcases (for my hair and for my daughter)

Update: Didn't catch a good henna sale this BF. The one on Hennasooq isn't bad but it's not what I wanted. There's a good sale on Red Raj but I'm afraid to try something new when it comes to henna, lol. Ayurnaturalbeauty isn't having a sale today but as a head's up they said there's going to be a holiday sale soon, once they get some items in. :grin:


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This black-owned online wig store is having a bogo half-off thru Nov 27/ (i have yet to order from yhem, so i can't vouch for customer service)

They don't have a large selection of texyured/curly/kinky wigs, tho. :ohwell: (been meaning to contact them about that) I think I'm gonna get



The last 2 are half-wigs and I don't even do half wigs anymore. hmmm.....

eta: looked up on the wigs on YT and ghe first one is actually wavy and the 2nd is a shiny, wetnwavy look. i actually could work with 3rd one, it's right up my alley even it looks sorta ham in the pic
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So for my hair products, i got:
shampoo bar

Oyin (been wanting to try this brand for a while)
Burnt Sugar Pomade
Honey Hemp Condish