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30 Day Praise Report Challenge


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Praising GOD for the life I live, for His hand of Protection, for sparing me from death and destruction! Praise your Name father Lord God!


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Worshiping the Most High brings so much freedom and lightens so much burdens we unnecessarily carry, so let's continue to worship our Lord Jesus.

The enemy can't stand when we praise the Lord.

Many battles are won on the worship field, whether it's in a shout that caused the walls of Jericho to come down, or whether it's in obedience to raise our hands up to heaven holding a rod, as in Moses and the children of Israel winning the battle against the Amalakites, or whether it's glorifying God when a death sentence has been declared over your life and you worship and God caused you to live longer in the case of Hezekiah.

So saints let's get and keep our praise on. Whatever you need, put a praise on it. Lay it on THICK! Cause it to be so thick, God can smell it like a sweet smelling savor in His nostrils. Just love on Him. He's waiting for you.

Hallelujah!!! Jesus I love You.