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Thinking about trying this. Now how does this stuff smell? Does it smell worse than WGHO?
I have 3 products: the treatment, tonic and hot oil treatment.

The treatment smells faintly like medicine (pepto bismal or something else; I'm not good at describing scents.) DH says he can't smell it on me after I've applied it and he has the most sensitive nose of anyone I know.

The tonic has a faint floral scent.

The HOT has no smell to me.



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I know Mr. Honorary ain't using it. I just got him disciplined enough to use the KeraVada oils which I'm ecstatic about. I place those oils in the 1 oz rollerball/bottles, too. Easy-peasy for him....LOL.

And another thing about PALTAS, I don't smell anything after application. Do you? DH says he doesn't smell anything, either. Which is a plus for me. He came home one day after I had applied Phyto's Phytopolleine hair treatment and he 'bout ran me out of the house! I got it during their June 50% off sale and have only used it once!

Pompous Blue

No, I don't smell a thing. It does STANK in the bottle, but not upon application. That's a Huge Plus.:yep:

That's funny about DH and his KeraVada.:lol:

Those are some GOOD OILS.:lick:

I agree about the Phyto's Phytopolleine.:lol: That's when I bought it.


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Bumping this old thread. - I hope shipping is still somewhat reasonable from Pakcosmetics. I plan to order about 12 bottles (6 of each). I'll probably message them before I place to order to see if I can get some sort of discount.

Product available on Amazon UK - but not US. Ebay is CRAZY!!


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@mzteaze - My hair looked and grew it's best ever 2013 -2014. I will not mislead anyone and say that it was Paltas or any other product solely responsible for my growth. I can only attest to it being one of the (many, many) products I used during that time period, including a consistent, committed, aggressive vitamin regimen. Additionally, keeping my hair moisturized was my #2 priority in my routine.

The look and feel of my hair after applying this oil is amazing, so if for no other reason(s) this is justification to buy again. Also, my hair doesn't feel greasy - I don't recall if that was my experience in 2013/2014.


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My 4b natural hair :love4: this oil!! It takes on a whole new persona of "good silky hair". The only down side is I can't keep my hands out of my hair - I keep touching and rubbing it.

In 2014 I wore my hair braided under wigs, daily and although I recall my hair feeling soft and looking moisturized, I attributed it to the LOC method and wearing a plastic cap most days, not solely to this oil.

During the past 3 days, I've worn my hair sleeked up/back in a bun and my hair looks and feels like shiny, soft silk.
:love:. I haven't applied any additional product since the first day. I simply wrap it in a silk scarf, nightly.

I applied Care Free moisturizer, SM Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave In conditioner, PHT, brushed my hair, styled in a bun, applied ECO Style Argan Oil Gel, brushed again and wrapped my hair in a silk scarf.

I'm traveling starting tomorrow and didn't want the package arriving while I'm away, but when I return I'm placing my <clears throat> small order like @IDareT'sHair . ;)


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Ok so last night I washed and conditioned my hair and then I used the Paltas hot oil treatment for 20 minutes under a plastic bag. Then I used my Diva towel to wrap/dry my hair. I then used the Paltas BKC and sat under the IRestor helmet for 25 minutes. I put my hair in twists, covered it with a plastic bag and my bonnet. This morning my hair is soft and moisturized. I’ve put my hair in a wrapped ponytail to stretch it out with a little long aide activator gel. I even added some BKC to my crown before gelling and styling.
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How often are you guys using Paltas - I'm using it twice a week, I may try and increase to three times pw

How often do you guys clarify given Paltas is so greasy?
I actually like the texture of the BKC and it doesn’t seem greasy to me at least not yet. Maybe my scalp is soaking it all up. My plan is to use it at least 3 times a week. I’ll have to determine if I need to clarify this weekend. Hopefully it will just wash out.