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Regimen Help?


Wife Supremacist
I am new to this and trying to get a regimen going. I have texturized 4a hair shoulder length hair. How does this sound? Olive oil prepoo, Wash 1x week Cream of Nature Detangling shampoo, Deep condition 1x week ORS Mayo, followed by Humectress or Silk Elements, Conditioner wash with Nexxus Humectress or Silk Elements conditioner 2x week. Use leave in conditioner, Scurl, wonder 8 oil to seal and sleep with plastic cap on my head every night. In the morning I am going to to just let my curls air dry and hold them back from my face and up off my shoulders with a silk headband. I don't think that I have enough hair for an attractive bun yet, so I am not sure that I can really do protective styling. Let me know if you can think of anything that I should add to this. I am trying to get healthy APL hair.


Going the Distance
It sounds like a plan. ITA w/ Bosslady, try it to see how your hair responds. If it continues to work, stick with it if not tweak it a little. Good luck!


FKA Pokahontas
That sounds like a solid regimen. I agree with the other ladies, see how your hair responds then go from there.


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ITA with the others.

The most important part of any reggie (once you find one that works for you), IMO, is to buckle down and be consistent with it.

Good luck and HHG!