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Steaming Into 2020!


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Hi Ladies,

Happy New Year!! Time to reflect and reset on our hair goals. New beginnings are always good because we get the opportunity to improve on what we did in the previous year. I have benefited from the many advantages of steaming. If you want healthy, shiny, moisturized hair then steaming might be for you. The great thing about steaming is you can customize the frequency based on your needs. For example, I started steaming weekly and I was dedicated to my weekly treatments. My hair thrived from these treatments now I only do it once a month.

To join please post...

1. How often you will steam?
2. What method are you using to steam?
3. What products will you steam with?
4. Post a starting picture (optional)

Please check in periodically and let us know what kind of progress you are making as you steam into 2020.

The benefits of steaming include:

1. Moisture, Moisture, Moisture!!
2. Increased Shine
3. Increased manageability of new growth
4. Softer hair
5. Less hair breakage
6. Decrease in dandruff caused by dry scalp
7. Easier detangling

Happy New Year and Happy Steaming!



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Here are my details:

1. How often you will steam? I will steam once a month.
2. What method are you using to steam? I have a standing steamer.
3. What products will you steam with? I will use various DC's. I will post each time I steam.
4. Post a starting picture (optional).
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Back At It for 2020!

Will Steam Weekly. Will report what DC'er I am using.

Will be Steaming with LCL's Pro-1037A Professional Steamer.

Thinking of purchasing this... how do you like the steamer? How is the standing steamer vs a table top one (if you’ve used the table top) ? How big is the steamer hood/head that attaches to the stand?


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hi steamers! after so many years of resisting, I decided I want to start steaming my hair at home. I decided that after I saw the results on my hair after a steam treatment at the salon today.
I want to join this challenge! But does anyone have any recommendations on a steamer that I can purchase?


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Question for steamers: Im hearing that steaming with heavy butter based conditioners isnt doing much and somewhat allows moisture to be blocked from getting into the hair shaft. Water based conditioners seem to be recommended.

Thoughts on this?