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Texlaxed ladies: How many textures do you have?


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When I washed my hair the other day, I was looking at it and realized I have about four different textures in some areas. The ends are straighter (where the stylist texlaxed me from natural). Then there was the section that I missed from my first touch up (I tried to correct it with my last touch up). Then there was the actual section that I got with my first touch up with a mild (that section is a little straighter). Then there was the straighter section towards the roots that I texlaxed with a regular. :ohwell:

The last time I stretched for 6 months and that was just WAY too long for me. I had way too much new growth and I couldn't really tell the new growth from the already texlaxed hair, so I didn't go down very far with the relaxer for fear that I would overlap. Well, I eventually realized I didn't go down far enough, so I had sections that was still natural. :ohwell:

There is definitely some skill that go into texlaxing. As you can tell, I haven't perfected getting the same texture throughout my head yet. :lol: For those of you that have, give us some tips!!! :yep:


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Yes, texlaxing does require some skill. I had to stop texlaxing because my results were always so inconsistent and I had about three textures. To prevent damage I just decided to give up the texlaxing. I still don't relax bone straight but its straighter than what I was previously trying to achieve.

Chocolate Girl

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I have two textures straighter at the ends and texlaxed towards the roots half & half lol!. its frustrating, its hard to stretch past 8wks I don't know how to correct it, I'm trying to be patient, but I may stop texlaxing if it doesn't get better :wallbash:. I wish I could have been more helpfull.


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I have about 3-4. this is how my strand looks when wet. First, My new growth then 1-2inches texlaxed hair then 2inches of relaxed straight hair where by stylist process too long one time, then 2-3inches texlaxed and then straight ends. My hair looks so weird wet. The only portion where I see little coils when wet is a small area of my nape.


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I have like 2 diff. textures in different parts of my head. If I feel I didn't get the results I wanted and the hair is too tight I wait a couple of weeks and lightly retouch ONLY the area that I feel was not relaxed enough. I have done this a few times with success.

To avoid having to do correctives alot, I just make sure I put relaxer first in the areas that take awhile to loosen,and wash those areas out last when I am neutralizing.

If the hair isn't too tight, then I just leave it alone until the next time I relax.


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Im regular relaxed and I have about 4 to 5 textures on my head right now.

1. I have my NG (which consist of 2 textures)-- 1/2 inch (almost 6 weeks post)
2. I have my recently relaxed hair --- 3 1/2 to 4 inches (which is reg relaxed)
3. I have my previously relaxed hair --- 4 to 6 inches (which has more texture then my relaxed)
4. I have my ends--- 2 to 3 1/2 inches (which has less texture then my recently relaxed hair)


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2 many to count lol

THe front, sides, and back are relaxed because I give myself edge ups from time to time.

Towards the middle, it's like I'm natural again. And the ends are in between.

I've got a real hot curly mess going on in there.


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Right now I have one because I texturized my virgin hair just last week. The only thing I can think of to get as close to the same texture as possible for next time is to follow the exact same process (I took notes on the exact timing) and to relax in halves to ensure uniform processing. It's definitely time consuming to do it this way, but it seems like the only way to maintain the same texture.


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2. I don't relax the back of the head/nape as much, because I was afraid that it could cause me to have short hair there. My nape is doing well and just as long as the rest of the hair, but it looks like 3b-c. The rest only has a wave (no ringlets). I have pics of my wet hair in my fotki.


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I mainly have 2-3 textures. I have pure, virgin NG. Then, I have texlaxed hair, and also some straigter areas, with more texlaxed hair! I had a TU in March 09 done by my mother, and it was processed a bit longer than I did during my own TU's before that app and after. So, I have *****~~~~~__~~~~~ from the scalp down!! LOL, it's all hair, so I just take care of it, and blend the textures with certain styles when I wear my own hair out.


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My hair goes from silky wavy in spots to regular 4 a/b z shaped coils in different spots on my head. This year I really want to focus on refining my texlax technique to get it all closer to a similar texture.