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Why do you want long hair?


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My nickname was Tackhead in high school. Even the teachers called me that. Now I likey having sexy long black thick hair to swing in their face, plus it makes my facial features more apparent. It makes me look a lot more feminine and girly so I love it


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As a kid, I always wanted long hair. It was the reason I got permed to begin with - to show length. I think it's about my femininity. In my head, I'm a dainty, lil prissy thing :giggle: I want to feel like a lady.


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I got weave checked once, but that was because my hair was shiny, thick, and bouncy...

I wanna get weave checked because I have long hair.


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I've been pretty much SL my whole life (except for when I did a huge cut to NL last year). There aren't many black females with long hair in my hometown. It is assumed to be impossible to achieve unless you are mixed with different races. My brother even stated one time when I was 13 years old that when it comest to black women and hair, there is a maximum length that hair can reach and it just stops growing after that.

After all the research I've done and the success stories I've seen - I am convinced. The only maximum length there is, is the length we choose to stop at. Healthy hair is my goal and healthy hair is what I'll have! :)


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I never had long hair and I just love having it now and I want it to be longer. I love getting weave checked by family members.


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Because as a young person with long hair, I didn't appreciate what I had and I broke it off and didn't care for it...Now as an adult, I can appreciate my hair for what it is and I'm on a quest to get back what I lost...HL!


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I won't lie. I want long hair so I can do this:


And I AM... me too! My sisters seem to have effortlessly long hair (one natural and one relaxed) because of their coarse strands and thick hair. I've got fine strands but I want to show them I can do it too.


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I want long hair so I can "accidently" fling it in the face of all the YT girls who walk around like they have a patent on long hair!!

I Kid, I kid!! that is something I plan on doing though :grin:but I want long hair because there is nothing more beautiful than a black woman with long healthy hair! I think it's striking and attention grabbing and I want to be one of those women.


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I would think there would be more styling options with longer hair.

I have never had long hair. Ever. Not as a little girl, not as a teenager, not as an adult. Not ever. the longest its been was shoulder length as a teenager.

No one in my family has ever had long hair. My grandmother says, "we just don't have the type of hair that grows long". I would like to prove to everyone that is not true. We all have extra dry 4b hair with thin strands (but medium to thick density). So, yes its going to take some extra effort, but its not impossible.

I want to be armpit length by the end of 2011. I know that is not long to a lot of people on this board, but it will be really long to me and jaws would drop in my family if my hair got that long.


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I want more styling options, I want to feel my hair hanging on my back, I want to be able to do the hair flip. I'm honestly not sure how long hair will look on me. All of the wigs I have bought I have cut down to SL..., so I may not like to wear the long hair down.


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I just love it!!! It is beautiful and I look good with long hair! I would rather it be mine than fake so I am trying to grow out my own. Plus its HOT and Exotic!!! I love, love, love hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am obssessed with it! I even made a page on Facebook for it and have 41 peeps join in less than a week, as we all can be on a journey together lol!


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I've had short hair (SL and above) most of my life. Not by choice, but because it just "wouldn't grow". And most of the black females I've known are the same way. I want to be different. I LOVEEEEE long hair with a fiery passion!! lol! But I feel too insecure in wigs to rock them forever. Not to mention the cost of all that.


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I'm looking forward to the versatility I will have with long hair. I like being able to wear my hair down, up in a bun, in a long/thick ponytail, etc. I'm looking forward to those options when my hair is MBL (probably won't happen until 2012 though).

I have to admit, I am now also doing it to make a statement for all black women. We can grow our hair and we don't have to rely on weaves/wigs for length.


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I don't know, really:ohwell:. I have tried to come up with reasons, but...I dunno:ohwell:. I guess because I want to try something different?


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Once upon a time, I had bra strap length hair and I got a bad hair cut and it never grow back. Along with the bad hair cut my mom permed my hair once and the shedding never ended. I just want my long healthy hair back.


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My exact answer. I told my husband the other day that I want to grow my hair down my back. He had nerve to tell me it will never happen. I am determined to prove him wrong.

My husband is excited about my hair journey. Not because he really wanted me to have longer length, but I think he is just surprised that with a little extra care, black women CAN grow their hair healthy and long. He grew up in a family full weaves and wigs. :yep: