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KeraCare Natural Textures


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I am currently using KeraCare's Natural Textures products and my hair loves it! When I use the twist and define cream for my twistouts, I notice that my hair doesn't come out as shiny as when I was using Carol's Daughter Hair Balm. I would rather use KerCare's twist and define cream becaue it smells better and doesn't leave my hair so greasy.

Anybody have any suggestions on what I should do to achieve shiny twistouts again?


I love the product, but I've never used CD products. Keracare Nat. Textures has a really good butter cream product that makes the hair shiny and defined. My hair has thrived even more since using these products. For the first time, I feel like I can take proper care of my natural hair.:yep:
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I use the twist and define cream and I love it. My hair isn't shiny and glossy but I like it. However, my friend thought my hair was wet when she seen my hair in a twist out. She like it and was very interest on how I got my hair that way.

I find that the product works better on damp to semi wet hair. This gives me the best curl definition and hold.

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