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Spring has Sprung: How will you be wearing your hair this summer


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Hello ladies,
The weather is breaking and the hot weather is approaching fast. So, for all of you who have kept your hair hidden under wigs, weaves or whatever, how will you be wearing your hair this summer.


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I'm in a weave now and will probably weave till the end of May. After a short break, its braids . . . till August/September - back to the weave.
My normal puff, along with the occasional twist out, cornrows, and wig, will be used this summer.

ETA: I might consider twists done by a natural salon here. :yep:
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I have recently taken to doing styles on stretched hair. I had a debacle where SSK's made me have to cut off 2 inches so I've found ways to mitigate that. I will most likely do all styles on stretched hair which means no puffs (unless I'm on the beach) and no wash and go's.


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No idea!! It's too darn hot for me to PS or straighten but wash and goes are getting old. I might revisit the curly sew in idea. Depends on how much my new job pays, getting some good curly human hair is pricey. :lol:


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Braidouts and Twistouts now I just need to find something to make them last 5-7 days!


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Not sure how I'll wear my hair. Probably buns. I may have fine hair but it holds heat... with it being in the 80s already.... I can only imagine how hot it's going to be in July and August. That's definitely going to put a dent in my wig wearing. :nono:


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Next up for me is twist outs for the spring, I've been doing silk wraps all winter and they're going to start failing me here soon cuz of humidity. I've enjoyed them but missed my curls/big hair. For summer I'll be doing wash n go's.


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I've been bunning since late Sept and my hair has grown so much it's insane. I'm gonna bun all Summer long!


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Styles with my ends hidden...buns...twists...braids...stuff like that.

Nothing different.

Condition washing nightly
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Loose strand twists, that's what I'm doing now and pray to the Lord I keep this up. I'm trying to become more patient with my hair and accept it at every length and stage instead of hiding in longer wigs.


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My "go to DIY kinky twists". The way my summer is looking right now, my high maintenance strands need to just sit back and chill for a bit.


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Same as last summer, mostly wash-n-gos, a butterfly bun, or flat ironed straight every third week of the month.
Hm...good question. Probably wet buns. It's bought to be HOT, and I work out 6 days a week, so I'll probably start cowashing 1-2 times between my weekly shampoos. But Idk yet :perplexed


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A combination between a straight wig (my first wig ever!) and braids/twists with added hair


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I'll be doing two-strand twists or box braids, in buns complete with pretty hair accessories. I'm completely obsessed with silk scarves right now........like...an unhealthy obsession :look:

I'm hard core ps'ing this spring and summer.