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Black Women Don't Have Thick Hair


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I wouldn't even bother pointing her to LHCF or any other forum. People love to make excuses. Somebody had the nerve to say "your hair doesn't count, you have good hair" on my One Year Natural video on Youtube LOL I didn't even respond, so ridiculous

GOINGNATURAL, OMG I love that big fro on your siggie!


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I am still relatively new....so I don't know where this post would even go. I looked around, and I am still unsure. So If i Put it in the wrong place I apologize.

Now to the point.

I was on facebook just earlier today-Kim Kardashian's fan/profile page. And they had this thread going in the discussion board entitled Light Skin vs. Dark Skin Women.

Now....I know I know....sigh...I wasnt falling for the trap. I just went in to inform the fools that it really is a moot point and has no bearing. (It still drives me crazy people are arguing and getting mad over people and their personal preference. I don't even care.)

But as I was posting that I noticed that this female above me had proclaimed that "Black women do not have thick hair". .....I just sat there reading it like this is ridiculous. :lachen:

Her exact words:

and btw, black women do not have thick hair. they get hair extensions and weaves to make their hair appear like ours[My note: She meant ours as in white women]... i don't curl my hair to make it look thicker."


And I went from not participating, to nicely explaining to her about black women and our hair. About the varieties in textures, and how we do in fact have thick hair. She was just misinformed...the poor girl...

I probably will send her a link to LHCF, and all the other sites and youtube channels. Show her that yes indeed, we have thick hair. And we do not all wear weaves and extensions all the time. sigh. Thank God for this community, because outside of LHCF, nappturality, fotki, and youtube....I think I might have been banging my head against the wall.:wallbash:

Sorry for the long post, just had to vent

-Saving the world one uninformed person at a time....-

She said this in a thread about Kim Kardashian? A woman who is NOTORIOUS for wearing weaves? Ok then.


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She made a sex tape with a famous person's brother and now she parlayed that into a Reality TV show and now dating another BLACK NFL star. NO Armenian man is going to want her now because of who she has been with that is for sure. Oh yeah they will bang her but they are not marrying her that is for sure.

OMG! Just reading on Armenian boards, this is said over and over again, saying shame on her for ****** Black men because nobody will ever want her now, tainted Armenian woman. She knows what she is doing. Thing is, why would she wanna be a Black man's ho-reotype? Any man's ho-reotype? Her sister too. And why would a decent Black man want a former somebody-else's-ho? I tell you, these menZ need to go down home and finE a cowntry gal bred on cownbread and greenz, git hitched and make some chillrun.
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I actually think the opposite. I think our hair is actually thicker.

And some white women...please! I can practically tell what they are thinking, with their hair! You can clearly see all that scalp!


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black women got a lot of chemical damage and heat damage that causes our hair to be thin.

Yeah I agree. I see a lot of black women with thin hair. My hair when it was relaxed and preLHCF was very thin and everyone in my family has thin hair.

Nice Lady

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I think that she is downright stupid because white women wear weaves too to get thick hair. We are not the only ones to have it. Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears(they said that she feels ugly if she doesn't), currently Eva Longaria(hispanic/latin), and several others. This woman must be locked up in some cage. We have women here with thick long hair. I am sorry for the animousity b/c people shouldn't be making generalizations--that was unwarranted. What does that have to do with light v. dark skin.


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I'm not sure whether sending her a link to this site would be conducive to be honest. All she might end up seeing are black women having to use 'coochie' cream and a million other things just to attain the amount of growth white women gain without doing much. I think Youtube tutorials would better serve the purpose.

I am not ashamed of anything I do for my hair or my obsession with long hair, but I don't think she or those of her thinking would understand our love of "all things hair"


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Ok I had to go on facebook and read that thread..... and man oh man:lachen::lachen::lachen::lachen::wallbash::wallbash::wallbash::wallbash::wallbash: I had to stop reading after a girl said "Light skinned women are better because dark skinned are slaves!" then she proceeded to say lol JK! <--- Just because you put lol behind something offensive does not make it ok! But I leraned that you cannot shange the way people think. It all stems from lack of education and individual experiences.


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Oh and by the way the girl that originally wrote the comment that black women dont have thick hair.. she deleted all her post.


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I've learned that a lot of people that speak negatively about others have such low self-esteem that they have to bash others just to feel good about themselves. It's sad . . .
Oh and by the way the girl that originally wrote the comment that black women dont have thick hair.. she deleted all her post.

Yeah the people on that thread are ignorant as hell.
And when I went back to see what she said, I saw she had deleted all her posts. People had started ganging up on her

The only reason she made that statement is because someone started saying white women were getting lip injections, constant tans, and booty implants to look more ethnic. And so she was defending white women, saying they werent doing it to be black at all. Just cause they make their lips bigger didnt mean we want it anywhere as big as black people:her words...not mine.

So yeah... I just chose to respond the part about hair....just because that was the most STOOOPID (stupid with the O's.....its not regular :grin:) generalization I have ever heard.

I am Nashawn on there, I went in said my piece, and never went back. Because people all up on there like....yeah that man got balls for saying the truth that no one ever does (about this light skinneed women being better looking thing).....I had to leave there because there were too many flies swarming around the dead meat of their brains....

So not worth the effort...I said something....and they just kept right on....its a moot subject...and an even more moot thread.....avoid at all costs.
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First of all that is a lie all the damn way to Africa! I work in a building with nothing but white people and most of them 90% have thin, limp, color damaged hair. Yeah it's long, but has no bounce or shine. I had a latina mothe in law and her hair hair was long, but limp and always shedding. Somebody needs to wake up and smell the damn coffee. Black women don't need to worry about thickness with the exception of a relaxer gone bad. 4real people are ignorant, I bet her hair is thin itself. Ha! I could just laugh all the way to the salon.


We all know that most black women have very thick hair naturally.

To be fair, though, a lot of black women have very thin hair from over-processing due to chemical treatments & plenty of black women "add tracks" for thickness...so....while she is ignorant and should not have over-generalized an entire race, it's not completely inaccurate. :hide:

You're right!


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What is That Fool Talking about? :huh: We ARE THICK HAIR. :eek: And we got Nice B-Hinds too! And they're real 100% No Padding All Us!:woot:

She is Jelly. H8TR ! On behalf ofTthe Ladies of LHCF:massmoon:


I've noticed them obviously throwing their hair around in the mirror while in the restroom at work.... Soooo I turn around the make sure my "behind" is looking okay.

It stops the drama immediately!!!!! :grin::lachen::yep:

I'm sure she got the message. I've been told by them that "all Black women have big behinds . . ."