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Fall/ Winter Hair?!?


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Okay, so I have a concern, or rather question about fall and winter hair. I must admit, most of the time I do wear weaves in my hair ( I have a guilty pleasure of micro braids). It seems soooo much easier to just get up and go!! WhenI do wear my hair out in the summer I normally do like a wash and go or a puff or something easy. But I con't like to do so in the winter because get sick so easy. My question is, how do you ladies ike to wear your hair in the colder weather, because I definatly need ome weaveless ideas... I'm trying to get away from the weave for a while and embrace my hair more!!! Any suggestions and or pics ladies?!?


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Switch to washing at night so your hair can be dry in the morning before you leave the house. I also bun more during the winter so my ends won't be exposed to the colder air.


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In the winter I either twist it on the weekend and only wash once a week, or wear a phony puff over it. The whole washing at night thing doesn't work for me in terms of drying--my hair won't dry. I must get under a hair dryer. I tie a cute scarf over the front of my hair so it's not exposed.


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This winter is twists galore. I may also do a couple of rollersets. I wash once a week as well and it's usually in the evening.