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Luscious Healthy Ends Challenge 2022

I absolutely love it. I have the original one that came out in 2018 and the new digital one. I consider it worth every dollar and for as long as it is in existence I plan to keep it in my hair arsenal. It used to take me hours to blow dry my hair. I can stretch and dry my hair in under 30 minutes even when my hair is super thick TBL. I rarely loose a ball of hair bigger than a cherry. It is a must have for me and I have tried a lot of high end blow dryers over the years. It is the best tool that I use to stretch and dry my hair.
Man, everyone I ask about that thing loves it to death. Yt reviews, here, reviews online all say it’s worth it. Might have to try the revair one day. I know on the revair site they have a listing of salons that use the dryer, so you can try it in person.


Ms. Nobody
Here is my update. I finally got a trim in late June. Didn't take off more than 1/4inch. My hair is not perfectly manicured in shape because I didn't get a curly cut when trimmed. The sides and back may not look as precise but the front looks a whole lot better without the hard angular curly cut.

My routine is super simple. I shampoo or cleansing co wash every few days. I try to be gentle when I detangle my hair. I either use gel or foam/mousse to style a wash and go. I stopped letting my hair get undefined or go longer than a week without cleansing and detangling my hair. I no longer air dry. I also bought elastic bands for thick hair to use for puffs. Regular scrunchies were too tight.

I do see length retention. My day 1 hair no longer looks so wonky even with the heaviest of products. I feel I need another 2 good years to see some real length and a shape that I want.
How do you dry your hair now?