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Protective style for weak hairline


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Does anyone have any links or know what types of half wigs that ladies with 4a type hair can wear that will blend in? Unless I am assuming incorrectly and there aren't any 4a textured type half wigs. With half wigs are you supposed to wear a wig cap underneath if there is one for half wigs? I would like to get a half wig that is safe to wear that closely resembles my hair texture w/o having to press/flatiron it. I'm a 3c/4a natural who also wants to grow out my hairline with this protective style. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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if you continue to wear full wigs get a small silk scarf 20x20 to wear underneath it instead of a wig cap. that way you can moisturize your edges and protect them from the wig band tension and friction.

i would also suggest a satin headband underneath the wig if a scarf is too hot.

use a moisturizer with a creme or water based moisture lotion, then sealing with castor oil twice daily.

i am not a fan of massages for hairlines, just because my own hairline didn't like them. but it may work for some that don't have as sensitive edges as mine. instead i add a little peppermint and tea tree oil (just a drop) to my castor oil to stimulate the scalp without friction.

good luck...i know how difficult edge dilemnas can be. my hairline fell out after i had my son. it was awful. it took me three months of babying it to get it to grow back and not be "bald"


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This thread is kinda perfect for me rite now(not 2 steal it BUT) I just took out micros which I knew was 2 tight on my hairline. Looking at it now in its natural state, its kinda scary! lol For real tho, my edges r SO messed up. Also my hair is short, I had to cut it recently and I'm not used 2 handling short hair, hence the micros. Mostly relaxed, I have new growth but I'm afraid 2 do any kind of damage to my hair (heat, chemicals, etc). UGHHHH but seeing this thread is giving me ideas of what to do. Thanks.