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Regimens only


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How do you use honey to wash your hair?

I basically mix a little with oil or water in my hand and smooth it unto my hair. I let it sit for a minute and rinse. It makes my hair feel soft and moisturized during the day. I had to switch to doing that because the V05 I have was making my hair feel stripped. My Granny accidently bought the 50/50 instead of the moisturizing. My hair hates it.


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I try to keep mine pretty simple
I pre-poo with AO GPB
wash with Giovanni SAS shampoo
then use AO HSR as a rinse out
rollerset and bun most of the week
I clarify 1x a month with Suave
I usually stretch my relaxer for 12 weeks


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That sounds good Rosie. I may have to try it.

I'm a 4a/b natural. My hair ranges from nape length to APL.

Currently I don't really have a regimen. I water wash or cowash like every other day. Then I usually detangle with oil and conditioner, twist my hair, undo it the next day and bun it.

As soon as I get my weave I'll just be rinsing, spraying with moisturizer, and oiling my hair.
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On co-wash days:

  • deep condition with a hot oil treatment (Jojoba, EVOO, whatever is accessible)
  • condition with a moisturizing conditioner (Pantene Beautiful Lengths)
  • condition with Neutrogena Triple Moisture Leave In Conditioner (love the slip this stuff gives!)
  • roll hair with magnetic rollers (learning to braid out)
On wash days:

  • deep condition with a cholesterol (either Le Kair or Lustrasilk Shea Butter) or with ORS Replenishing Pak or Palmer's Coconut Protein Pak
  • shampoo (either moisturizing 'poo or clarifying 'poo depending on what is needed)
  • condition with a moisturizing conditioner (Pantene Beautiful Lengths)
  • condition with Neutrogena Triple Moisture Leave In Conditioner (love the slip this stuff gives!)
  • roll hair with magnetic rollers (learning to braid out)
Daily habits:

  • moisturize with NTM
  • seal hairline (edges, temple, nape) with Castor Oil
  • seal length of hair and ends with EVOO or Jojoba
  • comb, if necessary, with very wide tooth detangling comb
  • repeat process at night; use satin scarf to cover hair


All natural!
Hair type: not sure see lil girl in avi---3c 4A/b? Fine ish strands

1.Shampoo with Keracare Hydrating detanling poo
2. Condition (rinse) with Keracare Humecto. If using Sabino Moisture block I tilt head back to load with water for a couple of seconds, step out of water stream, ring hair out.
3. Towel dry and
4.apply Sabino.

4. If not using SMB, I rinse fully (or deep condition), apply a leave in like Salerm 21 or Star Lacio Lacio, and
5. a con serum such as CHI or Fantasia.

6. I may apply BBD (Big Bad D) Glass to the edges, and ponytail to air dry.

Deep condition (with heat) every two weeks or when I can remember:
Keracare Moisture Conditioner (name might be off...it's for color treated hair) ORS replenishing conditioner. Once out from heat follow steps 4-6.

I have BKT QOD Gold applied to my hair; I will apply again in another few weeks to treat the newgrowth.

My hair is relaxed but I think, depending on how the next BKT application goes on the roots, I will be transitioning :) . Otherwise, I get a relaxer 4 times a year and get my trims then too.


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Hair Type: Natural 3c/4a-ish

Current Length: BSB/BSL

Monthly: BKT

Weekly: On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays:
1) I wash with HairOne Olive Oil
2) DC with either Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructor mixed with YTC or mixed with GVP Conditioning Balm (protein/moisture combo)
3) Add MT mixture and JBCO/Moroccan oil mixture to scalp only
4) Add Nexxus Headress mixed with GVP Potion#9 (protein/moisture combo)
5) Put in a ponytail with twists (a big one, or several small ones), or in a bun

On the off days and weekends, I apply Hairveda Vatika Frosting lightly if I need it.
I baggy nightly. Usually whole head, but sometimes ponytail only. I wrap a scarf or use a bonnet, THEN add a plastic baggy, THEN another scarf. I sleep on satin pillowcases nightly. This has been working well for me. :yep:


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natural 3c/4a, APL

curly hair:
*cowash with aussie moist, HE HH, organix
*plop with t-shirt
*add GVP leave-in
*wet bun OR 5 big flat twists for a twistout
*repeat every 3-4 days
*ACV rinse once a week; DC whenever, usually every week or 2
i used to just cowash every day, but i haven't done this in a while; the SSKs were getting on my nerves.

straight hair:
*DC: aphogee 2 min, grapeseed oil, raw honey, gvp conditioning balm; 30 min with heat, 30 min w/o
*ACV rinse
*spray on diluted GVP leave-in and giovanni direct
*ponytail rollerset; dry
*add chi silk infusion + coconut oil and flat iron roots
i have worn my hair straight for the past month; trying to overcome procrastination to put in senegalese twists.


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I have a Weekly Regimen which usually starts every Friday evening right after work.

Okay...Here's What I do: Before Friday, I begin thinking/analyzing what my Hair Needs for the week (I usually write it all out along with the products I plan to use).:look:

1) Co-Wash with either a Moisturizing or Protein Based Conditioner or Clarifying Shampoo & Conditioner if I need to Clarify
2) Rinse Well
3) Deep Condition with some sort of Deep Conditioning Treatment or Masque of some sort Always with Heat. Steamer or Heat Cap about 1 hour
4) Rinse and Use Porosity Control for a final rinse which I leave in for about 5-10 minutes under plastic cap
5) Apply Fermodyl 619 and some sort of Creamy Leave-In and Gel/Serum for Summer Phony Bunning
6) Either Dryer or 1/2 Dryer and 1/2 Air Dry Phony Bunned Prepped Hair
7) Daily Moisturizing and Sealing for Bunning

*On Wash days where I am Henna/Indigo-ing My Regimen is slightly different.:grin:


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Kind of cool to see how different our reggies are :drunk: my hair spa day is normally on Sunday I turn the phone off throw on some music and get ready for war lol :yep:
My hair type is more 4a with some b in the crown

1. Hot oil in the morning

2. Shampoo hair with almond castile soap :lick: mixed with tea tree oil (if I have itchies) and rosemary oil and water.

3. DC for however long it takes to clean the house lol (usually 3 hours no heat) doing protein DCs as needed which has averaged to about every 5 weeks

4. Hop back in shower to rinse, detangling hair under water with whatever cheapie conditioner I have around

5. Add leave in and put in 6-10 twists or bun then tie on scarf when im done with shower

Henna 2x's a month
Scalp massage with castor, hemp, and peppermint oil mix 2x's a week focusing on edges
Moisturize with water&rosewater mix, butter, or water based product and seal with grapeseed oil
Tie hair up at night


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My Hair days are Wednesday & Saturday


2x times a week deep condish/Condish wash w/wen fig & Aussie deep 3 min condish & Aussie Moist Condish or any cheap condish to go along with the Wen for 20 min under a heat cap and( joico kpak my new love).

Moisturize with S-curl,Proline softner moisturizer,hairveda whipped ends hydration,qhemet honey olive balm,qhemet root burdock butter,hydratherma natural growth lotion

Oils i use,jojoba oil ,coconut oil,hydratherma thermas naturals oil,apricot oil,castor oil,grapeseed oil I Love different oils.

No heat unless i am conditioning!!! or on relaxer day
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Hair Type - 4a
Hair Length - Brastrap
Regimen -
- Relax every 6 months with ORS No-Lye Regular.
- Ayurvedic Regimen..I use NO shampoos.
-Twice a week I deep condition overnight with a mix of DCs, kalpi tone powder, butters, oils, honey, and aloe vera gel. In the morning I clean hair with a mixture of conditioner, oils, and arithra powder. And then rinse with a Kalpi Tone tea.
- I moisturize my hair with my homemade moisturizer or Herbal Essences LTR then seal with either Brahmi Oil or Avocado Oil.
- And, before I DC I oil my hair and scalp with a mixture of ayurvedic oils containing shikakai oil, amla oil, coconut oil, etc.
- I henna and indigo once poer month.
- I put my hair up in a silk scarf. I don't bun it or anything just twist and then tie it up. I noticed that when I bunned it my left side began thinning out tremendously.

I'm going about a year without cutting...but I'm scared of how the brutal winter is going to affect my hair :(


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My hair is 3b and 3" long since bc 12.16.08. I use the pre poo oil to set as a oil treament in between mega tek. I use mix chicks which works wonders on my hair. I co wash everyday and use shampoo every 3-5 days. I have found that less is best since that fall out when using powder shampoo on chemical treated hair which I should not have had in the first place.
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I handle my hair on an "as needed" basis. It doesn't make sense to me to follow a strict schedule, because my hair doesn't need different things on a set schedule.

I wash when it needs it, with something moisturizing. I deep condition after I'm done with Organics Olive OIl DC or Joico Moisture Recovery. If my hair needs protein (not often), I throw Baba de Caracol on my hair for a *split* second. That conditioner is NO JOKE.

I air dry and flat iron, roller set and blow out my roots, bun, or do braid outs or twist outs depending on my mood. I usually use unmixed natural oils on my hair (coconut, castor, jojoba), but right now I'm trying to use up oil mixtures I bought, and it's taking forever. I've been using Vatika oil, Shescentit's Jehan Preshampoo Oil, Cocasta Oil, and Kemi Oyl for 8-12 months now!!!!! I apply the oils to wet hair and let it dry as my hair dried however I'm styling it.

I leave my hair alone for the most part (low mani - no combing, brushing, etc. - just finger combing) until wash day.

I wash my hair as I feel it needs it. Sometimes it can be daily or every other day for a period, and sometimes it may be 2 weeks.


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Type: 4a/b I think
Length: BSB

Poo with Aussie Moist
DC with Aussie 3 min deeep w/honey added in
protein treatment: depending on relaxer- Nexxus Emergencee or ORS Hair Mayo or ORS replenishing pak
Moisturize: NTM leave-in
Leave-in: Aussie hair insurance
Seal: Chi SI or John Frieda

If rollersetting: I add NTM to the ends when they get dry
I flatiron once a week.

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Hair Type: primarily 4a fine, thin natural

My longest length of hair is hovering between APL and collarbone (back). My shortest length is below my chin (the front)

Saturdays (or whatever day during the weekend):
I prepoo with an oil/ayurveda mix (unless I'm hennaing), co-wash, detangle, henna (if the time is right), and deep condition for about an hour. Then, I moisturize with KCKT and seal with EVOO or coconut oil. Then, I bun my hair up.

I co-wash with an ayurveda/conditioner mix. I try to fit in another short deep condition in. Otherwise, I just moisturize, seal, and bun it back up.

Very simple. Doesn't change much unless I'm in twists (like right now). I henna once every 2-3 wks.


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Relaxed 3b/c BSL Hair
Wash once a week with Creme of Nature Moisturizing Shampoo and Revlon Porosity Control Shampoo
Deep Condition for 30-45min using either a protein or moisturizing conditioner mixed with P.H.G.O (Alter Ego Garlic Treatment/Silicone Mix)...This in the ONLY time I comb my hair.
Leave in Conditioner Salerm 21 or Lacio Lacio or Chi Silk Infusion (when I am flat ironing)
Cowash 1-2x's a week with Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship in Raspberry or any V05 cheap condish...apply P.H.G.O. then clip up in a loose bun to air dry until wash day.
Relax with Mizani Sensitive Scalp every 10-12 weeks
No trims!!!! only dusting/S&D after each relaxer.
Protective Style 5 out 7days a week in a loose bun.

I usually roller set,but when I am 6wks post or more, I air dry then flat iron (every other week) with my Sedu (360 degree).


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Hair Type: Texlaxed 4 a/b
Current Length: APL

12 to 16 weeks
Affirm Fiberguard Sensitive Scalp No Lye

Clarify with GVP Aloe Rid
Apply Emmergence, sit under dryer until hard
Rinse, apply moisturizing DC (Back to Basics Honey Hydrating and Salon Care Honey Almond), DC for at least 30 mins with heating cap
Rinse, apply FSP, leave for a few mins, rinse
Apply leave ins: Yes to Cucumbers and Giovanni Direct
Seal: EVCO and CO, PS

Oil hair/scalp with Vatika and scritch
Rinse and apply Ayuveda tea mix: (Amla, Hibiscus, Shikakai, Fenugreek, Brahmi, Maka, horsetail and nettle tea) cover with a plastic cap and leave on for at least 30 mins
Rinse, co-wash with BBHH and SCHA

DC after with:
MT, Keraphix, BBHH, and SCHA for at least 30 mins with heating cap
Rinse, apply leave ins, seal, PS

Once or twice a week
Co-wash with BBHH and SCHA, apply leave ins, seal, PS

Daily :
Spritz with ayurveda tea
Moisturize, seal, apply leave ins, PS

As needed:
SD for splits


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Hair type: Natural- 4 something (not quite 4a, but not quite 4b)
Length: Shoulder length

-Wash hair in twists with Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castile Soap.
-Cowash with whatever condish I have on hand. Rinse.
-DC with ORS Replenishing condish for at least and hour. (usually longer because I get lazy)
-Rinse. Finger comb and redo twists that look unkept.
-Apply OCT mix to scalp and massage.
-Massage aloe vera gel into scalp and apply to twist.
-Allow twists to airdry for 10-15 minutes
-Apply Oyin juices and berries mixed with water or Karen's Body Beautiful Hair milk to twists.
-Apply Oyin Whipped Pudding or KBB Hair Butter
- Occasionally seal with Oyin Burnt Sugar.
-Massage JBCO into scalp.
-Cover twists with silk scarf until morning.

Wednesday (same as Monday sans shampoo & cowash):
-DC with ORS Replenishing condish for at least and hour. (usually longer because I get lazy)
-Rinse. Finger comb and redo twists that look unkept.
-Apply OCT mix to scalp and massage.
-Massage aloe vera gel into scalp and apply to twist.
-Allow twists to airdry for 10-15 minutes
-Apply Oyin juices and berries mixed with water or Karen's Body Beautiful Hair milk to twists.
-Apply Oyin Whipped Pudding or KBB Hair Butter
- Occasionally seal with Oyin Burnt Sugar.
-Massage JBCO into scalp.
-Cover twists with silk scarf until morning.

Friday (same as Wednesday):
-DC with ORS Replenishing condish for at least and hour. (usually longer because I get lazy)
-Rinse. Finger comb and redo twists that look unkept.
-Apply OCT mix to scalp and massage.
-Massage aloe vera gel into scalp and apply to twist.
-Allow twists to airdry for 10-15 minutes
-Apply Oyin juices and berries mixed with water or Karen's Body Beautiful Hair milk to twists.
-Apply Oyin Whipped Pudding or KBB Hair Butter
- Occasionally seal with Oyin Burnt Sugar.
-Massage JBCO into scalp.
-Cover twists with silk scarf until morning.

I clarify when ever it feels like my hair is coated.

On my off days I apply either the Oyin Juices&Berries or KBB Hair Milk in the morning and whole head baggy under a wig. Once I get home I take the wig and baggy off and put my silk scarf on for the night.


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Cowash Daily with V05 Moisture Milk.
Towel dry. Finger comb in long aid curl activator gel.
Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water.
Apply megatek and aloe vera mix (I read about here of course). Cover hair with bonnet and leave on until morning cowash.

This is easy, not very time consuming, and it allows me to say,"Detangle:perplexed (??) I wonder what they mean by that?" :lachen::lachen:

So, I've been stalking1QTpie's fokti this evening and I realize that I've been downright LAZY about my hair lately.:nono::nono::nono: I'm sooo ashamed and I am officially adopting the prepoo, poo, dc, and bentonite clay mask routines in her three youtube videos. I didn't mean to be so lazy (honestly, I didn't- shoot, I thought I was KISSng in my own way :lachen::blush:), but I just didn't want to spend my whole paycheck trying to get to BSL (big Sigh). Fortunately for me, 1QTPie's methods just might be feasible for my budget. :clapping:

1QTPIE, YOU ARE A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! :bighug:


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hair type: xyz...3c with 4a
fine hair
density: medium
hair lenght: Slightly past APL in layers
Wash & detangle 1/wk
Apply a leave-in
W&G pulled up in a bun
DC once a week
S&D when needed
Last but not least..my hair now cooperates with protein!


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(June-July 2009)

1.) Sunday –

-Hellman`s Mayonaise

- Crapelli`s EVOO
(Processing cap for 30-45 minutes)

- Proclaim Olive Oil


- CHI (Cationic Hydration Interlink) Shampoo
- CHI (Cationic Hydration Interlink) Infra Treatment
- African Royale `Daily Doctor` W/ Ginseng (Maximum Strength)


- Cantu (Shea Butter) Grow Strong Strengthening Treatment


- Air Dry for an HOUR ( or 45 minutes WITH Cantu)
- Flat Iron hair (NOT TIGHT)


1.) Grease scalp w/ BB `Pine Tar` Scalp Conditioner
2.) Come through GENTLY
3.) Use Pantene `Relaxed & Natural` Wrap & Set Lotion


1. Paul Mitchell: Shampoo Two
2. Conditioner?
3. Leave In- Africa Royale (Daily Doctor w/ Ginseng) + Proclaim Olive Oil
4. Cantu (Shea Butter) Strengthening System


Moisturize with Pantene `Relaxed & Natural` Daily Oil Moisturizer w/ Jojoba, Coconut Oils & Moisturizers
Pantene `Relaxed & Natural` Wrap & Set Lotion


1. Daily Oil Moisturizer
2. Wrap & Set Lotion




Unwrap depending on the way it was wrapped the night before

Spray African Royale (Daily Doctor w/ Ginseng)


8. Paul Mitchell: Shampoo Two
**Leave In- Africa Royale (Daily Doctor w/ Ginseng) + Proclaim Olive Oil**
9. Cantu (Shea Butter) Strengthening System

1. BB ` Pine Tar` Super Grow Conditioner
2. African Royale `Daily Doctor` MAXIMUM STRENGTH Leave-in Conditioner
3. Paul Mitchell: Shampoo Two
4. Pentene Relaxed & Natural `Wrap & Set Lotion`
5. Pantene Relaxed & Natural ` Daily Oil Cream Moisturizer`
6. Chi (Infra Shampoo)
7. Chi (Infra Treatment)
8. Proclaim Olive Oil
9. Cantu Shea Butter (Grow Strong Strengthening Treatment)

ARMPIT LEGNTH: December 2009!


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This is a great idea!

4A, medium density, fine strands
Texlax every 4 mos
Poo, DC, B-dry and Flat iron weekly in winter bi-weekly in Summer
Keratin oil every 6 weeks
Coconut oil daily and nightly
Up half the time/down half the time

Thats about it in a nutshell.

[email protected]@

formerly known as "keyawarren"
Relaxed, 4b, Medium density, SL
-Co wash (TJ's nourish con)
-DC (AO HSR) 30 mins under dryer
I alternate between cw and dc every 3-4 days
-Detangle with Garnier leave in for color treated hair
-Make 6 buns, seal ends with Hairveda green tea butter and airdry with satin scarf
-Make each bun into a single braid when dry.
-Moisturize with mango butter and seal ends with vitamin E oil 2x a day
No manipulation between washes.
Shampoo when needed (vo5 kiwi clarify)
-Relax btwn 8-10 weeks.
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I'm relaxed... I use silk elements lye regular. I'm not sure what my hair type is, maybe 4a.

~My Regimen~

Once per week:
- Shampoo with Aphogee Damaged Hair Shampoo
- Use Aphogee 2 min reconstructer
- Deep condition with Lustrasilk shea butter cholesterol mixed with EVOO
- Airdry in a bun or rollerset

*Cowash and/or deep condition 2-3 times per week
*Use HE LTR daily to moisturize and seal with EVOO

I also use joico silk results as a heat protectant, aphogee green tea restructurizer as a leave in and chi silk infusion when I flat iron (which is not often). I wear my hair in a bun 99% of the time.


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I'm 4a/3c with thick hair density, but fine individual hair strands( most noticeable when my hair is straighten). My hair length is touching the top of my bra strap now. My hair is texlaxed, but I'm transitioning back to natural.

I cowash everyday during the week and do braid outs.

On the weekend, beginning on Saturday, I pre-poo with Alma/Vatika oil overnight
I do an Ayurvedic tea rinse with either Brahmi and Bhringraj powder or Alma, Shikikai, Maka, and Brahmi powders.
I rinse out with a cheapie conditioner
I DC with either a protein or moisturizing deep conditioner
After wards I apply my homemade leave-in (condition, water and oil mix)
I then braid my hair up and in the morning I will take them down and put my hair into a messy bun with a head band.


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:grin:My Regimen:grin:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Apply MT/OCT/Castor and Coconut Oil Mix to scalp

Tuesday’s and Thursday’s: Apply MN/Castor Oil/Peppermint oil Mix or apply Aloe Gel to scalp (depending on mood) then spray Glycerin/Rosewater/Vitka Oil/Pure Aloe Juice Mix as a moisturizer (if needed)

1. Pre-poo on dry hair with:

· Shakti Oil (massage scalp for 5 mins)
· Apply Alma oil and pure coconut oil to hair and scalp
· Place a plastic bag on my head along with a wool winter hat (black) and leave oils in my hair for 1 hour

2. Rinse then DC with (Emergencia, EVOO and honey):

· I warm this up in the microwave for 30 secs
· Apply to hair (I make sure my hair is saturated with my DC mix:lick::lick::lick:
· Place my “Thermal Spa Heat Conditioning Cap” over a plastic bag
· Leave in for 30-45 mins

3. Rinse with cold water then run hair under iced cold water for 20 seconds
4. Co wash with V05 Moisture Milks :lick:(once a month i clarify with Suave Clarifying POO)
5. Apply Mane n Tail Leave in conditioner and air dry
6. Apply Lacio Lacio, spray moisturizer mix and style.



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I try to keep mine simple, that way I stick to it. I tried henna but it didn't work.

Hair Type- Natural (BC 3/1)4 something-3 something in the back, medium thick density
Length- a little past neck length stretched


CW every or every other day(when hair is not straightened) with various cons
Mill Creek Botanicals
Gainer Curls
V05 Tea Therapy Line or Strawberries & Champagne
BBW Sweet Pea mixed with homemade Amla oil

Shampoo 2x a month or as needed
DC- 2x a month with oils (Now using Phytojoba, Walgreen hydrating Con, and Shea Cholesterol) Staple: Pantene RnN mask

Put in homemade leave in or which ever I have in the PJ box seal with Coconut/Shea mix.

Braid or leave loose to dry.


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Hair type: mainly 4a, some 4b (natural)
Current length: now between SL & APL (after a 2" chop from APL)

Once a week:
* Wash hair with Sulfar 8 shampoo & condition afterwards with any cheap condition made for dry/damaged hair.
* Rinse just 70% of conditioner off hair.
* Apply castor oil after washing
* Air-dry

On non-wash days:
* Rinse hair with water [sometimes, I co-wash if I feel the need]
* Apply castor oil afterwards

Every 1-2 weeks:

Deep condition overnight with Dark & Lovely Cholesterol

Every 4-6 months:
Henna overnight

Infrequent things I do if I feel my hair requires it:
Aphogee 2-min re-constructor every 2-3 weeks
Applying oil blend (usually with esstional oils and garlic) to scalp every other day.

The above aren't mainstays in my reggie because I try to keep things very simple.

I try to protective style with braids 6-9 months out of the year. During this time, I reduce wash days to once every 10-14 days and oil my scalp/hair with a blend of olive oil and castor oil. I do not rinse my hair daily. I re-do the front and back sections of my hair as needed.