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2014 Challenge- CoWash, CoCleanse, Mud Wash, Honey Cleanse, & Others


Big Hair, Don't Care
Will Deep Co-Wash with Koils by Nature Ultra Moisturizing Coco-Aloe Deep Conditioner


PJ Rehabilitation Center
Used: Claudie's 3 n 1 Cleansing Conditioner.

EnExitStageLeft You are absolutely correct. This product is absolutely wonderful. :lick:

So happy I shopped my Stash and Pulled this out.

I already want a back-up. Quite Lovely indeed.:yep:


Bent. Not Broken.
Been cowashing 2x a week with AIA Coconut cowash. Trying to stay ahead of this winter dryness.


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I washed with mud puddle. My hair laughed at it. I had yo use a lot and I washed twice just in case. I did a protein treatment followed by a DC. Then I did a midseason with pink clay for and hour. I hate pink and red clay. There are just so messy. I'm giving the rest away and switching over to rhassoul. I may try doing a bentonite rhassoul blend to stretch my rhassoul out.


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Sunday used TerraVeda good earth mud wash & rinsed with TerraVeda apple cleansing co wash.. Very nice silky results..

Happy Hair Growing!


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Cowshed tonight with Claudies 3 in 1 Cleansing Conditioner.

I stepped away from my weekly cowash but I am back. I wanted to try to eliminate my weekly cowash but it caused my trouble. I noticed my shedding had picked up any my hair had more tangles.


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Used Carol's daughter hair milk cleansing conditioner yesterday followed by Elucence moisture balancing conditioner.


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1) State of hair (relaxed, natural, etc.): Relaxed
2) Current hair length: APL-BSL
3) Ultimate hair length: Ankle!!!
4) Year end hair goal (length, density, softness factor, ends maintenance etc):full BSL- touching MBL, Healthy Ends
5) Method you will be using to cleanse your hair and scalp while retaining moisture: Co-Cleanse and Co-Wash
6) Number of times per week you will do this: At least 2x a week.
7) Products and/or ingredients you will be using:Aussie conditioner, Olive oil replenishing conditioner, head and shoulders 2-in -1 for co-wash
8) Anything you will be doing just prior or after (deep conditioning, hot oil, ayurvedic treatment, oil rinsing etc): oil sealing
9) Frequency of traditional shampoo use: 2x a month
10) List shampoo: Aussie shampoo