Great Hair Tips for Damaged Hair and Hair Growth


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Thanks to whoever *bumped* this. I thought I knew it all but the OP had some new and interesting ideas to offer. I especially appreciated the section on trimming...never let someone who dislikes you trim your hair...WORD.


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Wow, that first post is 26 pages long in Word! Thanks for bumping - this would be a great sticky for newbies! :)


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Hi all. I bun a lot lately. I co wash, add aloe vera gel and brush it back.

Today I wanted to wear it all down and natural but the front looks heat damaged butvits not heat...its from brushing it straight.

So frustrating.


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This thread has surfaced again--this is one of my all time favorite LHCF threads. I remember using the destroyed hair routine a time or two after a bad trip to the stylist. I varied up the products a bit, but still had excellent results.

Special Emergency Procedure for Destroyed Hair

This recipe for hair repair is loosely based on a review of Redken Deep Fuel at I don’t remember the name of the reviewer- please contact me if you are the Belgium hair stylist that designed it.
PS> I have not tried this recipe myself, so I cant vouch for it yet. But It does have all the main ingredients for hair repair; protein treatments followed by moisturizing and common sense:

Warning! It is time consuming and unless you already own these products or ones similar to them, expensive!

You will need:
Clarifying shampoo (try Redken Hair Cleansing Cream shampoo, or Suave Clarifying shampoo)
A creamy protein treatment (try Redken Deep Fuel, or Joico K-pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor)
A moisturizing cream conditioner (try Nexxus Humectress, or Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep conditioner)
Spray on Moisturizer (try Redken All Soft addictive hair transformer)
A final creamy protein treatment (Nexxus Keraphix)


1. Wash your hair with the clarifying shampoo and towel dry.
2. Mix the creamy protein treatment with the creamy moisturizing conditioner in your palm and apply all over. Put on a shower cap and leave on for 30 minutes. (You can also apply hot wet towels or a hair dryer to use heat)
3. Remove shower cap- do not rinse. Apply spray on moisturizer all over. Blow dry hair until mostly dry.
4. Rinse
5. Towel dry hair again and apply the final protein treatment. Leave this is your hair overnight.
6. The next day, shampoo and condition as normal.


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This is the best thing a Newbie on this forum like me can look through. I can come back to this for a while and save people the annoyance of having to explain basic things. If anyone else is new, do skim this at least to see how thorough this is.
Great work!!!!!