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Layers Out Challenge: June Progress Check In


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Hay ladies were at the half way mark!! Check-In your progress!

It’s been 3 months since the last thread! How is everything going for you ladies? Are you seeing anything different with growing out your layers or uneven cuts? Has anything in your regime changed since the last post?

My layers are slowly turning into a soft V shape and my shortest layer has hit below my shoulders now! It’s trying to catch up the back. I have just been deep conditioning, bunning and dusting/S&D my ends.

I know this challenge is a bust lol. Its not as exciting as the rest!! *side-roll-eyes at the Jerry Dripping Juicy Challenge* :lachen:

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My longest layer is at the bottom of my ear. I started with it at the top. I'm gonna just trim the perimeter, until I flatiron maybe in the fall when its cooler.


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Hey ladies.

Here is my starting pic, from last December.

Pic from December 2009:

(I know it looks longer and more jagged, but those are shadows.)

After my 18 week stretch and very MINOR trim, I am seeing my former V in the back work its way into a U:

Pic from end of April 2010:

The left side is filling in from some breakage I had, and the layers are slowly disappearing. Hopefully by the end of August I'll have some more length to show.


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Im still in the challenge, I will post a pic next time I wash and straighten it, probably this weekend. I did a mini-trim last month, and that really helped.


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i had a bit of a setback last month.
i'm going to be doing mini-cuts bimonthly until the end of the year to try and get rid of some of these layers.

good luck everyone!

i'll be straightening my hair on june 23rd, so i will post pictures then.


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Well I trimmed my hair back in May so not much progress. I'm steadily creeping towards bsb but that may just be my imagination. I'm hoping by August I'll have something to show for all my work though.