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Newbie Group Support Challenge 2010 - SECTION B


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I'd like to join!:grin:
I am a natural with medium/fine textured strands!
I haven't decided what my challenge is, but I have been thinking of doing one for myself starting Jan 1! I'm excited to join guys! :drunk::drunk::drunk:


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Am I too late to join? I want to be a challenger. I have COARSE hair, very coarse hair lol. It's resistent and it is extra strong and thick.


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If it is not too late, I would love to join. I am relaxed with medium to coarse hair. Not sure of the type but in the 4's. I am currently APL and would love to get BSL or MBL. I would also like to get my crown a bit thicker.


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If it is not too late, I would like to particiapte. I am transitioning with medium to course hair, I think.


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My hair has been doing so well since joining LHCF!! When are we going to find out more details of this challenge so we can prepare for it?


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Hey ladies! :) I know my hair isn't crazy long like some of the ladies on this board, but I BC'ed to 2 inches in the front and .25 inches in the back and sides last November.

I look forward to getting to know all of yall. Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Also if you are unsure about hair products my youtube link is in my siggy.

My Stats:

I am a medium textured natural primarily 4a with a little bit of 4b on the sides and 3c on my crown btw.
I am SL in the back, NL at the crown and CL in the front.

See yah!

Natural Coarse/Medium Hair – Charzboss (Captain)
JusticeFighter1913 - Coarse
carameldelight87 - Coarse
NFocus - Medium/Coarse
TwistedTreat - Coarse
Letta - Coarse
Nappy_in_the_City - Coarse
Nela21 - Coarse
scotchbonnet - Coarse
soude – Coarse
Stacy The Lady


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I know that I plan to wear my hair straight, using roller sets and curly with flexi-rods. I use Nairobi, Keracare, Barry Fletcher, Nu Expressions.... and the list goes on. It depends on what my hair is doing, then I use what I feel I need. But I know for sure, I want to start putting moisture in my hair. I need a good moisturizing conditioner for the challenge. I also want to put a hair steamer in my regimen. I probably need to build a regimen and stick to it.



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I tried to hold on but i couldn't! I had to bc. My hair was so many lengths and my ends were so bad i just had no other choice. I still want to be in this challenge but i think i should be classified under Natural/Coarse now lol.


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I BC'd last Saturday... the experience was horrible, but that is a story for another time. Anyway, I am completely natural now, no more transitioning. I will have to get my hair cut again, I am going to try to do so before the end of the year so I can start off brand new for 2010


Is it too late to join?
Relaxed 4a/4b just getting to should length fine haired newbie:)!
Big time bunner!:yep:



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If still accepting newbies I would like to join, I definetly need guidance.
I am relaxed, 4a/b, thick, el on sides, cl in back.