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Newbie Group Support Challenge 2010


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Hello Ladies!!

This challenge is designed to help newbies reach short term goals to lead up to them acheiving their long-term goals. This will also help us veterans of LHCF stay motivated with our HHJs...as we also get discouraged:yep::yep:

I figured that if we help out the newbies, it will also help us out. And it feels good to help others. So let's get together to help one another! And plus...since we'll be split up into groups...there will always be someone to give you a boost along the way.

Here's How It Works:
I need 5 captains....i will be one myself so this will give me 6 groups to keep track of for this challenge.

To Be a Captain:king::
-You Have to have been a member of the board for over a year
-You must have at least 350 posts
Each Captain can have up to 5 members within their group....BUT...
-You ALL must have similar hair (ex. relaxed relaxed heads, naturals with naturals and so forth)
-You must list your group's agreed consequence for skipping out on any regimen steps.
-You must pm me to request to be a captain.

*To the Ones I Choose as Captains*
-You must post the name of your group
-You must list your groups hair similarity (ex. Relaxed but fine hair...etc)
-Every quarter you must list your members short term goal
-You must list your members long-term goals
-Only positive feedback to your members...if you disagree on something...be nice about your disagreement.
-After every quarter you must post your groups progress and have your members post any progress pics they have.

All challengers may use pm'ing or profile messaging or this challenge thread to communicate among one another.

At the end of the last quarter there will be a poll and we will all vote for who we think had outstanding progress in their group overall.

Sign up for Captains will be from now until Saturday September 19th.

Sign up for challengers will be from September 20th until October 20th. (This way we can work out all our nooks and cranies) I am limiting this to at the maximum 40 challengers in all....if we have left out a group...please pm me so that all hair types can be part of the challenge.

The challenge will start January 1, 2010. (So we can have our products and group regimens ready)

Any other questions can be added here to the challenge...as this is the official challenge thread.

Come On Ya'll!!! Let's Reach Our Goals!!:dance7:


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So....for the newbies who want to be on my team.

I am relaxed
I am MBL
I believe my hair is 4a-ish.

If you match this and you'd like to be on my team...pm me.


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This is SO AMAZING! You read my mind!!!!!!

I've been a member now for a month and I'm all over the place. Anyway. I'm a 4b and natural. I'm looking foward to it. I need a hair mentor like I need (h)air.


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I've been a member since August and this is a great idea. I'm natural, recently bc, 3B/C, and using ayurveda products. I would love a hair mentor since I'm trying to grow my hair back to MBL.


Im a newbie, but have been lurking what feels like forever :eek:) Im very interested!
Currently relaxed 4a/b, I think full neck length (been in and out of sew in's for just over a year) currently 12 weeks post relaxer, next relaxer 27th Sept.
Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Angel of the North

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May I join? I'm 3c/4a relaxed and fine. I've only been a member for a month and I would love some advice on my journey to reach those goals, thanks for this thread.

Mrs. J

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So....for the newbies who want to be on my team.

I am relaxed
I am MBL
I believe my hair is 4a-ish.

If you match this and you'd like to be on my team...pm me.

I'm sooo interested!!! I've been lurking for a few weeks now and I just paid my subscription on Monday (I think :spinning:)...anywho, I'm not totally sure what my hair type is...I'm thinking 4a/4b-ish. My goal is Waist Length, but after cutting my hair, I'm APL now :wallbash:...I'm also relaxed!


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Wow!!!! So many ppl on my team already!!! My team is almost full. I need more captains ya'll!!! I might have to expand the number of groups or the number of ppl per group. So far i have way more ppl who want to be in on the challenge but i have no captains.


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Hi there, this is exciting my first challenge! I would like to sign up I am relaxed shoulder length not sure what hair type but probably I the 4 category. If there is any room left I would like to join a team as well. My short tee
goal is APL


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So this is who is on my team right now:

Mrs. Jackson2007

So right now there is a total of 5 people on my team.

I definitely need captains ya'll!!


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The Transitioning Captain will be:



So to all my ladies who are transitioning to natural....pm MummysGirl for more info.:yep:

Keep in mind...right now we're only doing 5 members (1 captain, 4 members) per group at a time...so since we have until October 20th for challengers to sign up...i might expand this challenge for more members to join....the final list of all groups will be posted October 20th.


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Hi Ladies,
I am interested. Not sure what I have to do to find a group. I have been doing this hair thing for a while but I still consider myself a newbie as I am so lost sometimes.. I have short neck length hair that is a mixtures of 4A/B.
I would love to get in a group!


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I am a natural type 4 a/b who is looking to get into an Ayurvedic (or mostly Ayurvedic) regimen. I wonder if there will be a captain for this? If so, I would like to be on their team. Thanks!


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Hi! I would be totally interested in joining this challenge. I am a newbie and am currently relaxed. I think my texture is 4a-b? I'm not totally sure, but yeah. So, I'm not sure if there are anymore captains for that texture or if those slots are all full, but I am definitely interesting in joining this challenge! :grin:


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So far I have TyHill21 and ladysaraii in my group. Anyone else who's interested, please PM me letting me know - how long you have been transitioning for? what your goal is?

I want to join (I pm'd you)

I just need a transitioning captain :(
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Wow. This sounds like an awesome challenge. Sadly I'm not nearly structured enough to be a captain (and I'm horrible at keeping up with things, so I never join challenges). :nono: I have adopted little hair sisters in the past (in threads w/ a similar goal), but it was much more informal.

I do hope someone comes along to captain the natural hair newbies. I hate to think of them being all alone. :(

But, good luck to everyone!! :) Though I'm not a captain (or hair guru), I'm friendly and anyone who wants to can pm me for any advice. I'll try my best to help.


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I would like to join as a participant. I am 4a, natural, shoulden length unstretched. My goal is APL unstretched(short term) and BSL length unstretched(long term). Any natural captains yet?