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2018 2019 Pre Poo Challenge


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Used hair cholesterol mixed w liquid aminos, castor/sweet almond/jojoba oil mix, SAA, neem oil and rosemary and clary sage EOs with heat for 45min.

It doesn’t matter what base conditioner I use, this prepoo mix is a win for my hair and scalp.

Off topic - Also using the ordinary hair density serum and liking it. Bottle lasts forever


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Another successful week using SB as a Pre-Poo
Just threw my diy SB blend in the trash yesterday - wasn't smelling the best for my hair so I guess I have to mix another batch soon @IDareT'sHair.

Aww man!!! I was really hoping for a lazy weekend. Lemme see how I feel tomorrow and maybe, just maybe I'll mix it up tomorrow after church.


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I am tired of the herbs now, believe it or not. I want to stick with using up my "ready to use" products right now.
I know exactly what you mean.

I already had several jars of DIY SB whipped up and using them as a pre-poo is going to be a good, fast way to use them all up.:look:


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I've decided that I will be washing my hair tomorrow.

My regimen:

-Prepooing with Coconut oil and AVG
-Nairobi Detox Shampoo
-Olaplex #1 followed by #2
-Olaplex Shampoo
-Protein DC - Affirm 5 in 1 Reconstructor
-Moisture DC with Nairobi Humecta-Sil DC (maybe Olaplex Shampoo again - not sure
-Leave-in with SSI Green Tea and Coconut leave-in
-M/S with QB BRBC and BM Grease.


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my herbal oil works great on my hair but is a no no for my scalp. When I first started using the herbal oil i would put it on my scalp and noticed alot of shedding. So i did a protein tx and started using it on just the length. I thought the protein treatment solved the shedding and recently started using it on my scalp again. everything was okay until this wk when i wasn't able to wash it out for 3 days. My scalp was getting really itchy and when i would scratch it would be sore. I also started getting dandruff again during this time. When i washed i was so scared at the amount of hair that came out and my scalp was really tender. After i shampooed twice my scalp felt so relieved but i lost a ton of hair. I thought i'd be bald by the end of it but wasn't (of course). I will never use it on my scalp again or leave it in for 3 days. its really potent stuff.