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Great Hair Tips for Damaged Hair and Hair Growth


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re: Never, ever, brush your hair when it is wet.

how do i smooth my edges down - i need to have my edges straight so that when i comb it into a bun or ponytail it is neat and flat to my head. If i dont brish it while it is wet it grows into a little puff ball - how do i mange that?


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Thank you for all of this wonderful info Tene! and to everyone who bumped it...:kiss:

I am subsribing to this thread and printing it out.

I'm so glad I'm not at home so I'm not so tempted to go out and buy this stuff...


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Does this mean you can choose any of the conditioners (even "Length & Strength") and do a moisture treatment with it? I considered the L&S line to be in the protein category...Like PM's Super Strong collection.


Tene said:
Best Hair Product Combos


Aussie 3-Minute Miracle
Redken All Soft
Any conditioner included in Home Hair Dye kits
Garnier Fructis conditioners
Any oil treatment (hot oils)
Dove Intense Moisture conditioner
Aussie Moist conditioner
Anything with Shea butter
Nexxus Humectress
Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep conditioner



Umm....did ANYONE else see that he said that "Afro hair doesn't grow"? He basically said some people's hair doesn't grow because of the TYPE of hair and genetics...I thought we were all vehemantly against this?


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Re: Great Hair Tips for Damaged Hair and Hair Grow

wow great info

and i really agree with these

"George Michael says hair grows best when it is all one length- no bangs, no layers.

GM says Blunt cut hair is the healthiest and strongest. "


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Re: Great Hair Tips for Damaged Hair and Hair Grow

Bumping this one too.

Lots of good info here.